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What is 2042 going to look like

On Friday, 22nd September 2023, I made some notes on what would the world in 2042 look like. Pleased to share a summary herein:

1. Moon Base

Will we be able to buy a ticket to the moon? Will we be planning a Base in Mars?

The world is a most amazing place, and humanity has never ceased to amaze.

Where are we today? - Artemis Programme

Space debris, a problematic waste in space, can it be used for building the Base on Moon? Might save a huge material transportation cost - NASA Space Waste Detection Programme which is currently in place

Can Drones do this?

2. Hydrogen Energy is the alternative being adopted against Fossil Fuels

Started to google and found the most amazing set of pictures of hydrogen vehicles out on the market today. The promise of using Water to Fuel the car is phenomenal.

Need to research

• Status of R&D Today • Public Perception • Hydrogen Power Plants • Hydrogen Powered Furnaces

3. Boredom is the world’s Largest Problem - Leads to personalised AI driven digital entertainment

World’s Ageing Population • Automation of tasks • What kind of hobbies will exist • Utopian Movies which can make sense

4. Transparency in Governance

• Allowing consumers to choose what kind of power they wish to consume - thermal/ hydrogen • Digitization will lead to creation of public indexes for data reference and study

5. Future Mobility

• Walkable and Cycle-able Districts in Cities • Automatic Driverless Automobiles available at a click of a button • Air taxis available - Within Major Cities which face 40 mins to 1.5 Hrs in traffic congestion to go from Point A to Point B - Within cities which are 100-200 Kms Apart - STAL/ eVTOL becomes a reality

6. Major Scientific Breakthroughs needed to fuel Humanity’s long term ambitions for the 2100 (22nd Century)

• How can we reach Mars in 1 Hour? Can travel at the speed of light become a reality • Digitising Human Consciousness

Thoughts expressed are personal thoughts only. Please share your comments, contribute or more.

Thanking you,


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