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The World's First Sustainable Smart City

Kolkata, the new town smart city is implementing the world's first drone and drone data call center for its citizens to make data transparent.


Urban areas are a term that we are all acquainted with. A smart city is one that intends to promote the aspirations of a futuristic world through the use of information management solutions and developments. The primary goal of a smart city is to improve the quality of life for its inhabitants by delivering cost-effective facilities and services.The idea of a smart city is focused on the convergence of information and communications technologies (ICT) as well as its trends. The growth of smart cities will be critical to the world's long-term sustainability. And unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) will play a crucial role. UAVs are used in a wide variety of smart city implementations. Many of these software areused to routinely track traffic, vital infrastructure, and construction work. UAVs may offer a variety of education and capabilities to smart cities.

New Town Kolkata Smart City aims to exploit its current and future resources to establish a diverse city that is financially prosperous and proud of itself.” The purpose is to promote standard of living and build business potential by enhancing sustainability in an area with considerably good services in an equitable and resilient way that is reproducible and serves as a model for other cities. The concept is to use current and planned projects (such as established network hardware, drone’s implementation, the forthcoming Metro Rail project, current and planned residential and commercial buildings, and so on) to achieve the conceptual blue print's goals.

A city that uses digital, data, and modern communications to communicate all government infrastructure in a "smart city" idea. As a result of the improved efficiency and durability of urban services, the city's efficiency and time intake are reduced. Public services, traffic control, energy, water, and waste disposal are actively developing this new tech.

A real understanding of the city be drone data will propel new town Kolkata to become the world's most favored investment destination.

Technology for smart cities is on its way. It isn't a tool that will be available in the near future. The use of a relief and recovery drone to apprehend a violent suspect on the street yesterday demonstrates its utility in improving public safety. Drones are progressively being recognized as a way to communicate directly with the world and you're in a much broader spectrum, both individually and as a company. Customers can reframe their businesses with the help of UAVs, that provide a three-dimensional perspective of their market.

A smart city is a revolutionary technology. Instead of segregating sensitive data in separate file cabinets, database systems, departments, or houses, a smart city aligns seemingly incompatible pieces of data, helping lawmakers to make informed decisions for the greater good.



Let's face it. We've all seen hours of sitting in a congested traffic scenario. It not only consumes our time, but it also destroys a city's capital. What if there was an eye in the sky that could inform guys on the ground about the source of traffic congestion and assist everyone in successfully handling traffic? Kudos to drones, we can now list, calculate, and evaluate dynamics. Through the implementation of a single UAV over several days, a more detailed look at traffic networks can be obtained. A smart city's traffic plan is critical.

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