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Setup and Startup your Own Drone Data Business

The world is looking towards change and progress. One of the key changes in the way stakeholders function in the aftermath of the coronavirus, is the use of data on decision making.

Aerial Data has the potential to disrupt and drastically create efficiency in the as is and what would be.

Do you have absolutely no idea on where to start - setup and startup a drone data business in your geography?

Check out this video by Prayush, CMO at Kesowa to get started on your journey to become a drone data entrepreneur.


The video is Approximately 20 Minutes Long and gives a broad idea on what to look at when thinking of starting up in the drones space.

Specific Case studies are discussed along with earning potentials on how you can earn as a drone data entrepreneur.

Please share your feedback at the bottom of this blog post or on the video link!

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