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Latest News on Drones being Used during Covid 19 on Google Search

Latest news reported on drones being used to combat the deadly coronavirus.

Justin Jaffe from CNET reports on 5 ways people are using drones during the coronavirus. He refers to one of the most practical use cases; 'As reported by the New York Times, Britain's police force has been using drones to capture footage of people flouting the country's social distancing guidelines -- and then releasing on social media. Despite the outcries of activists and officials concerned about the potential invasion of privacy, the Derbyshire police department profiled has so far struck an unrepentant tone: "We understand that people will have differing views about this post, however, we will not be apologetic to using any legal and appropriate methods to keep people safe." '

'Bengaluru City Police using drones to monitor lockdown' by Economic Times Online and Maharashtra deploys drones, uses CDR, boosts patrolling to contain Covid-19 by Rashmi Bhupat, at ET Bureau shares how drones have been being adopted in usage as an everyday tool by law enforcement similar to numerous countries across the world.

Sangbad Pratidin reported how Kolkata Police are using Drone Cameras for Surveillance during Lock Down. Link to Youtube Video - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQqruwTBhqQ

Express News Service from TheIndianExpress reports in Vodadara police using Hydrogen Balloons with Camera for monitoring parts of the city, 'A day after the Vadodara administration decided to divide the city into four zones — Red, Orange, Yellow and Green — as part of a strategy to deal with the COVID-19pandemic, the city police has installed a hydrogen balloon attached with two cameras, a public address system and lights in order to keep 24 hours surveillance over the red zone areas which have been placed under containment due to their proximity to positive Covid-19 cases.'

Charlie Wood from Business Insider India, reports 'Spain's police are flying drones with speakers around public places to warn citizens on coronavirus lockdown to get inside' as an effective tool to warn people to stay at home.

FRANCE 24 reports on Drones being used by law enforcement in France, "Unmanned vehicles become key tool in coronavirus battle".

Please stay at home and be safe.

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