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3 Drone Courses we recommend from Pilot Institute, Arizona, USA

Updated: Jun 2, 2020

For aspiring students, professionals and enthusiasts, we are pleased to recommend 3 online courses from Pilot Institute.

Pilot Institute was created to help people achieve their dreams of flight. Their mission is to create world-class courses and is summed up in their motto “Aviation Made Easy”. Pilot Institute is headquartered in sunny Prescott, Arizona, USA. With over 13,000 students in 98 countries so far, all of their instructors are not only experts in their field, but they are also proven educators who make learning fun and engaging.

Pilot Institute have courses on all types of flight from drones to airplanes. They are always building out our catalog to offer more to our students. It’s also our goal to regularly update our courses to make sure they provide the maximum value.

Drone Flying 101 This course is a beginner's course for drone enthusiasts to get you safely off the ground.

Basically everything you need to know to get started with drones.

Most importantly - learn where to legally fly your drone, and help you plan take your first flight. Find out how to get stunning photos, videos and discover flight maneuvers with what weather to look out for.

Drone Building Made Easy

A easy course to skip costly trial and error and build a professional FPV Drone on your 1st try.

Complete blueprint to build a durable reliable FPV drone with quality components. The best part of the course is you get access to Industry Veterans for Q/A.

FAA PART 107 Made Easy

This course is designed to help you pass the Federal Aviation Administration Part 107 Drone License Test which is compulsory for any commercial drone pilot - to fly your drone commercially in the United States.

The course is easy to pick up, to help you become knowledgeable in general and get a crisp understanding of laws and regulations being followed in the US. No prior knowledge of any kind is necessary.

All courses are upto date, stay current and are modified based on changes from the FAA as they happen. For the Indian Sub-continent, we strongly feel these courses can help add tremendous value and keep you abreast of global policy and regulations in the drone space.

For students - you can use the coupon code "SPRINGBREAK" for an additional discount. Their website is www.pilotinstitute.com

Happy Learning


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