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Impact of Drones on common man in India

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

The first time usage of drones in India is traced back to the year 1999, when India fought the Kargil war with Pakistan. The Drone or the UAV ( Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) technology has seen enormous development over the years and today its use is not only limited to military applications but has been extended to commercial and the consumer sector too.

According to the Goldman Sachs report on Drones technology, the estimated market size for the Military sector is 70%, whereas the market size for consumer and the commercial sector is 17% and 13% respectively. It is expected that the Drone technology will have much more implications in the commercial and consumer sectors in the coming future and would also be a measure driver for overall growth.

Certain industry giants such as Amazon, Google already have huge stakes in the drone sector. For eg: Amazon started a same day delivery service, called Prime Air, which uses drones for deliveries. Likewise, many Indian and International companies have started using drones for solving common man issues in day to day life.

The current distribution of drone based solution in India is as follows:

The major applications of drones in India are found in the infrastructure segment.

There are many Government initiatives being undertaken wherein we find a good use of drone technology. For eg: The Government of Andhra Pradesh has deployed drones to map and assess the green cover in three selected locations in the state, thereby enabling the government to take necessary measures for maintaining the greenery in those locations.

Drones also help in tree plantation. The Drone developed by the company Biocarbon Engineering is capable of planting 40000 seeds per day, thus reducing the problem of deforestation. The next major application of drones in India is found in the Agriculture sector. Agriculture is the major occupation in India and contributes around 17-18 % of GDP.

Drone technology is used to monitor the crop health, vegetation indices, water needs for crop and soil analysis. There are many startup companies in India who are working to smoothen the transportation sector in India. There are millions of Indians who use Railways and Highways daily for daily commutation for work.

The Indian startup company Equinox's Drones provide Aerial survey Data like orthophoto, elevation models, terrain models, 3D Models, thermographic data, etc with very high accuracy that helps in maximizing efficiency and ensuring accountability in Railways / Highways projects. Drones have seen wide applications in the Media & Entertainment industry due to its widespread application in Aerial photography, Films, broadcasting of cricket matches, etc. Drones are not widely used by Indian insurers, but this should change as drone use has started growing in developed markets. The forecaster Skymet began using low-cost drones in August 2015 to assess drought crop losses in Marathwada.

Drones have good applications in the Telecommunication sector as well. Researchers from G S Sanyal School of Telecommunication at the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kharagpur have developed a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) assisted communication infrastructure for 5G that can serve as an air-borne mobile telecom tower during emergency situations. The system includes an Android-based application fitted to a fleet of drones which are programmed to create emergency communication networks by extending cellular network coverage from the closest available mobile tower.

Looking at the current scenario, the application of drones in the consumer and commercial sector is in a positive swing.The advent of Covid-19 has also made everyone realise the impact which drones can create in solving problems.

The UAV market in India is predicted to grow to USD 885 million by 2021, with India soon becoming one of the largest consumers of drone technology in the world and thus the perfect destination for the global drone industry. The ideal goal in the upcoming 20 years is to solve as many common man issues as possible with the help of drone technology.

Some of the key problems in India also include improper waste management, unemployment, inadequate health facilities, etc. We hope that drone technology helps India in solving these common man issues and contribute for betterment towards humanity and sustainability.

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