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How Wear Plates can drastically reduce Wear and Tear Loss

Introduction to Tribology

Tribology is a multi-disciplinary subject dealing with science and technology of interacting surfaces in relative motion.

The term has been derived from the Greek word “Tribos” (meaning “Rubbing”) and in general it denotes the subject of Friction, Wear and Lubrication.

Over the years, Tribology has been recognized as a very important aspect in all industrial operations. Application of correct Tribological practices is helpful to the industries in protecting and enhancing life of plants and machinery, preventing expensive breakdowns, improving efficiency of operations and reducing energy consumption.

India has a large network of steel, mining and allied heavy industries. Besides working under tremendous load of heat, dust and severity, these industries are highly energy intensive. These conditions pose big challenge to Tribology and therefore it is required to develop and apply advanced tribological concepts for improving equipment reliability, reducing energy consumption, and providing healthy working environment to the operating personnel and other habitants.

It is need of the hour to evolve suitable tribological approach especially for reduction in energy consumption in these industries.

Adoption Chromium Carbide Wear Plates can help drastically reduce wear and tear replacement costs, improve equipment reliability, reduce energy consumption and provide a healthy working environment.

Organisations which have adopted a strategy to address tribological losses have an edge against their competition and experience the following benefits.

Improved Reliability
Reduced Energy Consumption
Increased Savings
Reduced Downtime for Replacements

What is a Wear Plate?

Wear plates are expendable items that are used to prevent excessive wear or damage to expensive equipment.

Wear plate is commonly a type of abrasion resistant steel plate that is considered extremely durable, especially under harsh conditions.

Chromium Carbide Composite Hard Faced Wear Plate?

A CCCHFWP is a base plate with a hard overlay with a specific chemical composition designed to resist erosion, abrasion and impact under harsh environmental conditions and specific applications.

ULTRAPLATE is a range of Chromium Carbide & Complex Carbide Composite Hard Faced Wear Resistant Plates manufactured by Tecknoweld in India which is supported by over 25 Years of Research and Development.

The technology is a unique in-house-developed open arc process that ensures minimum dilution level and uniform distribution of rich carbides up to interface, offering significant improved wear life.

From FS, we are pleased to publish a Booklet of Case Studies of how Wear Plates have created value for multiple users across the Industry.

Download here:

Download PD • 9.27MB

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