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Getting Your Email Account Setup

Updated: Jun 24

Team members can increase productivity by setting up their email accounts with basic automations in the age of 2024.

Using Folders

Users can setup Folders to accommodate emails from specific users to ensure it's in one place.

Automations such as Pulling Emails from specific Email IDs or on Specific Topics to the folder can help increase productivity.

Email Signature

A good email signature enables transparency and trust to your recipients.

Clearly mention your name, your role, along with your Organization name, office address and contact number.

Choose a simple and readable font with a standard sizing for uniformity.


Automation Rules can enable increased productivity. Vacation or Out of Work Responder Emails are key to keep people aware if you not available. One must also mention the second in line of command in case they are not available.

To set a Rule you need to frame your mind to select from 3 thoughts:

  1. What is the automation that you need to help you. This could be the Name of the Rule.

  2. When will this rule be triggered? - This is the condition

  3. What is the action which will be done when you trigger the event? - This the Action

Feel free to add exceptions to the Rules. Always keep your Administrator/ Reporting Manager and participating stakeholders informed on any Rule being formed such that there is no concerns later.

Example Image from MS Office.

Let the Rule come in effect, wait for a week or two weeks to see if the action is helpful and letting you solve your pain point. Make changes - add exceptions or tweak the rule for increasing your efficiency.

Sweep Rules

Set Rules which can be run on timely intervals to keep your inbox and let you know of any flagged/ pending events - maybe twice a month.

Email Forwarding and Automatic Replies

The emergence of the Placeholder Email -

Placeholder emails are perfect to setup automations such as email forwarding to multiple users as per specific rules. Tracking responses is key however and action on those.

As Organizations grow, team members managing generic accounts can grow into senior roles and we rewarded with dedicated email addresses as they have a delegate to manage this.

Email forwarding Automation can be used as a shadow method for 3 months to help the transition.

Email Auto Forwarding and Automatic Replies can help introduction, messaging, vacation/ out of office/ field visit information messaging to senders.

Schedule Send Automation

Schedule to send your emails on specific days or even at specific hours: minutes to be ensure your email is read.


Organizations can setup Groups to share announcements and more!

Email Automations which can sync with your CRM, HRM or Accounting Software can enable increased productivity.

Email Content

While Email continues to evolve, so does the form of content which accompanies in it.

Text has moved to attachments which will move to more visual communication pieces like photos, videos and hopefully interactive content pieces like maps or social media.

Hope this article can make a positive difference on how one uses email.



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