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AI Aru identifies crowd trends to help combat Covid on live streamed video from drones

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

Artificial Intelligence (AI) seemed like a buzzword six months ago, to us. With Kesowa's team, we were able to experience how AI can create value on generating automated alerts and visualizing trends on live video feed from a drone.

Video feed and location data from the drones were transmitted live to Aru (Platform under development by Kesowa) following which the video feed would be analysed for number of people visible and how close they were standing.

Below image extracted from aerial video feed on which Aru is working on the back end.

Below image capturing density of people in a specific area with crowd count.

In a specific location, drones were flown on different times of the day. Herein below, the maximum count observed on a single frame from a flight can be seen.

This data is helpful to law enforcement and municipal agencies to plan for any action to be taken.

Be safe everyone.

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